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Why I don't WORRY!

That’s Crazy Talk, Right? If we could solve money issues, relationships, get the next company promotion, lose weight surely our worries would be gone. Nearly 1.2 billion seconds of every day Americans spend their lives worrying!

Yep that’s how my mind worked. I was a statistic! Research showed that 85 percent of what I worried about would never happen and with the 15 percent that did happen, 79 percent of it I handled the difficulty better than expected, or the difficulty taught me a lesson worth learning. I dug deep into the core of my worry. I saw all the stress and worry in my world was caused by my resistance to it. That resistance caused fear, clutter, and confusion. All triggers of my worrying! It was a terrible burden to put on myself because I wanted to become something better nonstop.Yep my EGO stole 525,600 minutes of my life!

Friends, we are not our ego. To stay grounded, surround yourself with people who have the courage to be candid, tell you when you are letting your ego get in the way! We are designed to enjoy every sensation and experience that appears in this world. The world created by our creator. Write your worries down and let them go. It is there you will find home and peace. It is there that you will step out of the WORRY, gain back 525,600 precious minutes and become who you really are!

Stay Happy, Stay Healthy and Stay Hydrated...


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