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Here at BeneYou we like to keep things simple. Sometimes it’s so simple we can’t even believe it! Tim and I have been asked what is M and what is the M STIK Advantage. So let us sum it up with 7 simple steps...


1. TASTE: Enjoy all natural fruit flavors. Drink 2 to 3 times more water per day, and eliminate cravings.


2. FUNCTION: Each STIK is a powerful nutritional supplement as a tasty water additive. 


3. PRICE: At less than $1.50 per STIK, but with more raw nutritional kick than a fistful of vitamins , you'll love sharing these.


4. PORTABILITY:  STIKs are convenient, lightweight, kid-safe, airport-friendly and easy to share.


5. RDT: Rapid Dispersion Technology delivers vital nutrients to your body even faster and dissolves lightning fast. 


6. PRESERVATIVE-FREE: Thanks to our RDT process, STIKs require no preservatives or fillers. Each sip fills your body with nutrients and a specific bio-benefit.


7. NURTIENTS: Each STIK is packed with a combination of the best natural ingredients for guaranteed efficacy and bioavailibility.


So the question is what do our members and customers say about these product



Hi, bought a box of half each go and trim at Spencer Co middle a week ago. I'm drinking 1 stik a day with these supplements. Love the taste, have had 0 caffeine diet cokes. I'm caffeine sensitive so I don't want to drink much caffeine.  I'm definitely drinking more water..feel better and more energy. These stiks work!



What does Soul do for me? Last weekend I almost had a panic attach at my first craft show and Will met a wonderful couple who talked about the calming effects this has. He bought one. I was hesitant. But I gave it a go. And it worked. I was chill. Didn’t have a worry. So later that day, Will bought a few more to bring home with me. I forgot about them.   

Fast forward to today. Here i am. Stressed. On the verge of an emotional breakdown because if it could go wrong, it has. I pulled one of my packets out of the bag, added it to my water and took two sips. I’m INSTANTLY calm. I’m not on the verge of tears like I was 15 minutes ago. I’m usually not a believer in products like this. But it truly works.



I have been using GO for about a week now and I am LOVING It! I went from 4 cans of energy drinks per day to 1 GO Stik per day. That's It! No more constsnt fatigue feeling at all either!

I did some math and figured out how much I was spending on energy drinks and I about fell over! . At $2.88 per can (not including the 8% sales tax in my state) x 4 per day = $11.52 per day, $80.64 per week! I don't even want to finish the math for the month. One box of GO for the month is already only half what I spend in a week! That's insane!

Not to mention how I feel. This past week I could feel, and see, my body detoxing from those drinks and from drinking water. It's amazing how much better I feel!" 



Do you ever feel tired, stressed, overwhelmed, or depressed? I used to hit a afternoon slump everyday about 2:00, just like clock work! Now I have a perfect remedy to that afternoon crash! Not only do my mood and energy improve, but it tastes amazing! Perhaps just the joy of drinking it fixes the problem. If soul and smart are not a part of your daily routine, your simply missing out!

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