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Together We Can  Make Dreams Come True!

TNHS Performing Arts Team

 Running our fundraiser through Hydrate with the Hintons was one of the easiest fundraisers I did with my student groups this year. As a teacher fundraising is necessary, but it’s not always the easiest thing to balance with the other requirements of the job. Kara and Tim Hinton were AWESOME to work with! They came in, explained the process to students and got them excited about selling, they took up the money and order forms, and they delivered the product and the payment. All I had to do was remind students of due dates, that was it. It was truly a hassle-free fundraiser that the kids loved. I would highly recommend Hydrate with the Hintons for anyone who wants to raise money without the stress of being “in charge” of all the details! Thank you for helping my students raise the funds necessary to make our Dream of Beauty and the Beast come to life!


Ashley Dykes

Performing Arts Leader


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