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Winter Blues...

Perhaps during the darker days, a sense of gloominess and fatigue overtakes you, and you lose interest in activities you’ve once enjoyed. Yet, when the cold weather warms up, these symptoms vanish, and you feel like your usual self again. If that’s the case, you might have been experiencing the "winter blues".

So how can you beat them?

Here are 2 tips from Those Crazy Hydrating Hintons! Did you know supplements and drinking plenty of water can play a role in warding off those pesky feelings. So lets look at 2 of our Hydration Stiks when added to water can play a part in helping to FIGHT THE BLUES.

1.Various studies have indicated that a vitamin D deficiency can adversely affect a person’s mental health. Many people become deficient in vitamin D in the winter months due to lack of sun exposure. So why not add a CORE AO stik to your daily habit to boost that VITAMIN D. Each stik contains 20% of your bodies daily needs so grab one today!

2. Optimizing your cognitive health is hands down the best way to perform better during those winter months. Adding a nootropic stack of several cognition-boosting ingredients that work together in a safe and complimentary way to enhance all areas of mental performance can be a great start to fighting those "winter blues". A SOUL stik provides that nootropic stack and has been known to brighten moods and provide energy. So go ahead give it a try.

It does not have to be all doom and gloom during the shorter days of the year. GRAB A STIK and soak up those supplements today!

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