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Quick Tips to Drink the WATER!

Even though I seemed to grasp the concept that I should drink water I was completely guilty of not replenishing my body with enough H2O. I used excuses like I was too busy or it taste bad. Do you know the feeling? Well let me share my Journey. A paradigm shift to 3 quick tips that took water from a chore to a healthy lifestyle choice.

  1. Routine and Purpose: It’s as simple as waking up , getting out of bed and having a glass of water. You have to find the reason why you do what you do and then do it again and again to establish the routine.

  2. Favorite Cup: Let’s agree water is boring so your cup can’t be, lol.

  3. Jazz Up = Guzzle Up: Don’t be afraid to add a little flavor to make it go down easier!

By following these TIPS I was able to look at water differently. I began seeing it attached to a goal. A goal to achieve 5 evidence-based health benefits to staying Hydrated…

  1. Maximize Energy

  2. Significant Brain Function Increase

  3. Attack Free Radicals (causing things like headaches, high blood pressure, kidney stones, illness etc..)

  4. Aid in Weight Loss

  5. Maintain the Body’s Balance/Happiness

After mastering these goals I was able to Master Staying Hydrated with a Purpose! You can do it too, friends! Find your Routine, Attach the Purpose, Get a Cute Cup and then Guzzle it up! Do you know someone who should be drinking more water? Be a good friend and share this blog with them. They can thank you for it later (wink) when they DRINK THE WATER

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