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Les Brown's Motivational Strategies Helped Me Land Among the Stars!

In the last 90 days how many minutes have you spent shooting for the stars? Have you closed your eyes and imagined yourself beyond what you have right now. The answer is probably no because of FEAR. Fear of Failure!

None of us want to make mistakes and we all want to be perfect the first time. However, In order to learn how to shoot for the stars you can’t be afraid to fail- and this was my toughest part to accept.

For 10 years I was going to a job I hated. It didn’t challenge me and there were days I faked being sick so that I didn’t have to face it. Why… because I already saw the outcome of my dead end job. Les Brown one of the greatest motivational speakers said… “ People are literally dying to go to work” . That was me until I realized MY LIFE was worth me finding. Finding my purpose and so I did. In 2015 I became an entrepreneur!

First, I had to believe in me. Period. It didn’t matter that my network of people were telling me I was strong, smart, brave. Unless I believed it, I wasn’t going to land among the stars. Next, I had to step out of my comfort zone. That was scary even paralyzing at times but I learned: the more I pushed myself through, the more I put myself in situations where I knew I wouldn’t have complete control, I grew. My friends, you are the STAR of this script. You have defined your character and now is the time to produce the show. You can’t wait for the perfect moment or opportunity to come your way. You can’t wait for things to just “happen.” Act on your desires and…

Shoot for the moon, if you miss you will still be among the stars. - Les Brown

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