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A Mother's Tears!

When you become a parent, everything changes. Most parents will agree that they would die for their children. And when your child is hurt, you want nothing more than to take away the pain. You wish the pain on yourself. Since that is not possible, I guess we do the next best thing by trying to protect them the best way we know how.

When our son was 2 he had his first grand mal seizure in the shopping cart at Walmart. I will never forget that afternoon as I screamed out in the middle of the garden department for help. Our son turned blue and was unable to respond. Fear set in and I was helpless. I couldn’t stop the pain going through his tiny body. EMS arrived and rushed him to our local hospital. A day turned into weeks and then a month. He encountered a million tests, was hooked up to wires and leads only to leave us with “we don’t see anything. Childhood Epilepsy and he might grow out of it” . Even the doctors couldn’t help me take the hurt away from our little boy.

At the age of 10, as a 5th grader, our son experienced hurt again.

“Why can’t you read? Are you stupid?”

Words of a bully. Our son had beautiful red hair, piercing hazel eyes, and a quirky sense of humor. He loved dogs, theatre, road trips, Minecraft, Power Rangers and Pizza. I tried to encourage him to be the nice one. I told him all the things a parent tells a child—that he was special, that he was smart, that he was loved. But none of it helped and the harsh words from classmates continued to hurt our son.

In order to protect our son we removed him from public education and decided to homeschool him. Homeschooling turned into an exciting flexible educational option for our family and as a mom it allowed me to protect him. Our son for once was in charge of his dreams and was able to become independent from the world he felt hurt by most. Did you know that more than 6 million parents homeschool in the US.

In 2018 we saw the SUNSHINE! Our family came across Hydration with a Purpose. After months of researching these water additives I shared a SOUL stik with our son. Instantly he loved it, “Mom, this tastes like Sunshine in a Bottle!” Words that to this day forever took my FEARS away. How you ask, because that little STIK allowed my son to reduce his fear of bullies which eliminated his hurt and caused him to want to be with people. It opened him up and brought sunshine to his soul again. I am proud to say OUR son has now graduated highschool, works a full 40 hours a week and has no FEAR of Bullies. If you have FEARS and HURTS as a mom let us share a SOUL Stik with you today. It might just be your secret SUNSHINE!

Stay Happy, Stay Healthy and Stay Hydrated,


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