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ETHOS Helps Me Define Myself!

“A good character carries with it the highest power of causing a thing to be believed.” ARISTOTLE

Theatre it’s a big part of my life! It has been since my days at Highview Baptist. As I began writing today’s post I closed my eyes and traveled back to that classroom of Greek mythology and hearing Mr. Hensley repeat the words of Aristotle and Heraclitus.

“A man’s character is his fate.” HERACLITUS

The interesting thing about our personalities that invokes people to react to us is our character. Many manipulate others to gain the love, respect, compassion and acceptance by pretending to be who they are not and later left hurt and disappointed. In today's world character holds a greater bearing on our respective individual personalities, goals, values, and most importantly our choices that define our lives. So just like in my theatre class how do you define or develop your character? Developing a character is an elaborate process. In the beginning you will find it a bit tedious but as you grow you learn to love the process. My drama teacher used to tell me , once you find the character and be the character the stage comes alive. I couldn’t agree more, Mr. Hensley!

In the last few years of our journey as Those Crazy Hintons I have constantly asked us two questions to help me define who our character is!

  1. What do we want?

  2. What are we willing to do for it?

Those questions have been the most important - and at times most difficult- parts of developing our character. We aren’t perfect, we make mistakes and we have had to shut out the distraction of this world. In the end, when the curtain falls our character is all we have! Our abilities will get us the star role one day but it’s our character that will keep us there. Define Your Ethos.

Stay Happy, Stay Healthy and Stay Hydrated,


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